The “Now” Normal – Creating a flexible space for children

Posted by Cori Seraydarian on July 08, 2020 in  Remodeling
Upon reflection so much of our children’s days involved a place that was outside our home. School, play dates, sleepovers, vacation, shopping, parks…even during the summer when school was out most activities involved other places. During this time your children are likely staying home instead of going to school or daycare, and it can be easy (and understandable) for everyone to feel overwhelmed. We are inundated with information and most articles speak about the “new normal”. As a parent w... read more
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Creating a Space for Long Term Guests

Posted by Jay L. Ginsberg on July 08, 2020 in  Remodeling
“May You Live in Interesting Times” is just about the definition of the modern family. Circumstances seem to be changing daily with those that we love and our homes are required also to be flexible. It has, in a sense, always been this way. The practice of real estate has always been connected to major life events: marriages, divorces, births are the big ones. Now our homes are being asked to be our business centers and even perhaps long term medical care. If moving isn’t the right choice at this ... read more

Is your Home Improvement Contractor Registered?

Posted by Jay L. Ginsberg on May 13, 2019 in  Contractors  Remodeling
Recently a Doylestown Township man was charged with defrauding a pair of Tinicum homeowners of $126,000 through home improvement fraud and investment schemes over the course of two years. What is the Pennsylvania law that covers home improvement contractors? The Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act (“HICPA”) was adopted by Pennsylvania’s General Assembly in October, 2008, and signed by the Governor as Act 132 of 2008.  The law establishes a mandatory registration program for contractors w... read more
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Oh Lighten Up!

Posted by Karen A. Johnson on April 03, 2019 in  Real Estate Advice  Remodeling
Bringing more light into your home He that will enjoy the brightness of sunshine, must quit the coolness of the shade. -Samuel Johnson This time of year means open windows, breezes and sunshine! But for some of us that live in wooded areas having leaves back on the trees means more shadow during the day. Or you may live in an older home whose design did not take natural light into account. Or you may live in the city where the building next door keeps your windows in perpetual shade. How to brighten up the room? 1.... read more
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Adding a room to your house with no construction?

Posted by Stephanie S. Schade on April 03, 2019 in  Curb Appeal  Remodeling
Creating an Outdoor Living Space “Go play outside!” Mom was right – getting out of the house is good for you. And at this time of year our thoughts turn to outdoor projects. If you have been feeling the walls closing in how about creating a new “room” to spend time in? It doesn’t matter if your outdoor space is a small patio or a sprawling backyard.  Big or small, the most important design rule when you create an outdoor room is to pay attention to the scale of the available... read more
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